Margaret M. Moga

Associate Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology
Indiana University School of Medicine - Terre Haute


PhD, Department of Anatomy, Loyola University of Chicago, 1988

Awards and Honors:

Indiana University Trustee Teaching Award 2007, 2014

Current research interests:

My research interest is to develop scientific measures of ‘energy healing’ and other bioenergetic phenomena involving focused intent.  The sorts of questions that I am interested in:   How do we measure the “putative energies” involved in biofield therapies such as Reiki, Qigong and Healing Touch?  How do healers build-up charge in their bodies?  Can emotions be detected in the local environment?  My goals are, 1) to understand the energetic component of human psychophysiology, and 2) to develop medical devices that detect or therapeutically use these energies.  Currently, I am studying the experiences of energy healers (see study below) and the influence of remote viewers on magnetic field and random event generator (REG) activity at distant targets.

Recent publications:

Moga, M.M., D. Zhou (2008) Distant healing of small tumors.  Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 14(5): 453.

Moga, M.M., B. Mowery, R. Geib (2008) Patients are more likely to use complementary medicine if it is locally available.  Rural and Remote Health 8(2): 1028.

Moga, M.M., R. Geib (2009) Is bioenergy healing associated with changes in the magnetic field environment?  Alternative Therapies in Health & Medicine 15(3): S89.

Li, H., G.N. Waite, M.M. Moga, P. Lam, and R.W. Geib (2010) Balance improvements after a week-long Tai Chi workshop as determined by dynamic posturography.  Biomed. Sci. Instrum.  172-177.

Moga, M.M., W.F. Bengston (2010) Anomalous magnetic field activity during a bioenergy healing experiment. Journal of Scientific Exploration 24(3): 397-410.  

Moga, M.M. (2014) Healing waves. Energy Magazine, Sept/Oct.

Moga, M.M. (2014) Magnetic field activity during psychic healing:  A preliminary study with Healing Touch practitioners.  Journal of Nonlocality 3(1):


Margaret M. Moga

Margaret M. Moga, Ph.D.
(812) 237-4172 (lab)

Above,  a figure illustrating magnetic field changes during Healing Touch.   Each line represents 10 seconds of magnetic field activity.  Note the increase in amplitude of the magnetic field activity during the Healing Touch session, which returned to baseline during the post-HT period.

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